Alcohol – It is against State of Arizona and City of Scottsdale laws for any person or organization to bring onto or remove from the premises any alcoholic beverage without prior approval.

Dogs – The State Humane Officer requires dogs to be on a leash at all times. THIS RULE WILL BE ENFORCED WITHOUT WARNING. Any pets in the stall area must be on a leash or secured. No pets are allowed in or near the arenas. Owners assume all liability for pets.

Golf Carts – Any person operating a motor vehicle or golf cart must possess a current valid Driver’s License.

Smoking – NO SMOKING is permitted in the barn areas. No cooking, operating a BBQ, or other open flame device is allowed in the barn area.

Parking – Any vehicle, truck, or trailer on WestWorld property is subject to the parking regulations of both WestWorld and the event. Vehicles found in violation of “No Parking” signs, or in a Fire Lane, will be towed and impounded at the owner’s expense. WestWorld and the event reserve the right to remove any persons found in violation of these or any other laws from the property.

Bedding – Shaving and feed may be purchased at WestWorld. No bedding other than the WestWorld shavings is allowed on the property. Owners may, however, bring in their own feed.

Loose Horses – Horses may not be turned loose on the property or in the arenas, nor are they to be tied to any structure not specifically designed for that purpose.

Posting Signs – WestWorld visitors and facility users may not post or exhibit any printed material such as posters, signs, or advertisements without prior approval of City management.westworld

Cleaning – All horses must be washed in the designated wash rack areas. Horse trailers may not be cleaned out in the barn area. Cars, trucks, or RVs may not be washed on the grounds.

Temporary Structures – Any tents and decorations must be constructed in such a manner as to satisfy State and City Fire Marshal requirements, and any required permits must be obtained prior to set up. Horseshoeing is not permitted in the barn area by order of the State Fire Marshal.




The Arizona Paint Horse Club (APHC) has entered into exclusive contracts regarding the sale and distribution of photographs and video for all their events, including any other reproduction of the events. APHC reserves the right to regulate access to the horse show facilities by any vendor, photographer, or any other individuals or parties.

Commercial photographers are limited to the Official Horse Show Photographer and Videographer, and Press Photographers credentialed by the APHC. Press photographers (anyone taking pictures for newspapers and periodic publications) will be required to obtain a press pass and display it at all times. Press passes can only be obtained from the APHC.

Professional and/or commercial photography (any photography taken for resale purposes or advertisement) without prior written consent of the APHC is strictly forbidden. This policy will be strictly enforced. Violation of this policy will result in a request to cease and desist and possible revocation of admission for the current and/or future shows. In addition, any images related to these events: photo, video, or brand recognition is the sole property of APHC and will be vehemently defended under the United States Copyright Infringement Laws.