Copper Country Paint O Rama will be offering dual approved NSBA/APHA classes, plus 5 all-breed futurity classes.  See class schedule for a complete list of dual-approved NSBA/APHA classes.


NSBA Fees:

NSBA Classes run concurrently under two judges: $/Class 





To show in the NSBA classes, you will need to make sure that the owner and exhibitor of the horse have NSBA memberships. The owner’s membership must be the same as what is written on the breed registration papers. So if the owner on the registration is John & Jane Doe the membership must be in that name but then if Jane Doe is exhibiting the horse in the class she must have a separate NSBA membership that only says her name.

You will also need to have a Certificate of Eligibility for your horse to show in the Futurity classes. This is, in simpler terms, NSBA’s registration papers.

Both the membership & certificate of eligibility forms will be available to apply for at the horse show. However, you may send them back to the NSBA office via post, email or fax.  Please remember to send the breed registration papers in with the certificate of eligibility application.

If you have any more questions, they can be directed to Chuck Marx, Copper Country NSBA Director, at 602-820-7801 or at

NSBA Certificate of Eligibility Registration Form

Download NSBA Membership Application